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SMSF, retail super fund or industry fund? Get help deciding

Super is here to help give you a life free of the daily grind. It’s never too early, or late, to think of how your super is set up to let you retire comfortably.

The question of much super you need to retire is an enduring one and depends on a combination of interlinked factors. These include your asset base, personal health, insurance needs, family situation, spending habits and more.

We’ll help navigate you through the myriad of choices to choose the superannuation structure and investments that aligns with your priorities, lifestyle and financial circumstances. Everything is backed by robust analytical and comparative tools, and explained to you in plain English.

Because we work closely with our in-house accounting team, those with an SMSF can work through any tax queries they may have, along with how to streamline the administration and compliance aspects. Rounding out the service is our transparent, modern reporting system.

Whether you’re planning for the excitement of your eventual financial freedom or protecting the nest egg you’ve built up, we’ll make sure it’s working for you.