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Protecting your wealth for the next generation

There’s much more to estate planning than a will. The way your personal affairs are structured has a massive impact on future beneficiaries, including any taxes they may be liable to pay.

Planning your estate means being certain that your wealth and personal values will stay protected – and in the right hands – when you can’t manage them any further. Working closely with you to uncover what’s important, WLM Financial can guide you towards an ideal estate plan, with elements including:

Wills –

Passing on your wealth on the way you want, to the people you want.

Testamentary trusts –

Protecting the wealth that you pass on and providing for dependants in a tax-effective way.

Powers of attorney –

Assigning legal responsibility to a trusted individual who will act on your behalf if you’re unable to manage your funds while you’re still alive.

Guardianship orders –

Stipulating the type of medical and lifestyle care that you deserve if you can’t make these decisions yourself.

Death benefit nominations –

Making sure your trustee pays out your super benefits to your nominated beneficiaries.

Philanthropic giving –

Apportioning a part of your estate to charities or social ventures.

After helping you decide how you’ll transfer your wealth to those you want to receive it, we can also take care of all the administrative and compliance aspects, including liaising with your lawyers.