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Business budgeting, forecasting and KPI reporting

Forward-looking, goals-based reporting is what every business needs to achieve what it set out to do.

For many clients, WLM Financial works as a virtual CFO providing enterprise-level strategic financial advice.

In our three-plus decades of experience, we’ve worked with businesses at all stages of maturity. For startups, the focus might be to break even while paying down personal debt. By contrast, in more mature businesses the emphasis might be on understanding the drivers of profitability in a business and measuring the returns of strategic goals.

We help business plan for the rainy days, both by understanding the financial hurdles to growth or (in fast-growing businesses) identifying risk areas that need to be made more efficient to prepare for any leaner times in the future.

Service highlights include:

Tailored finance frameworks –

After speaking with you in detail, we’ll typically start by creating an annual budget that supports your business goals and identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure progress towards those goals. This creates the framework to meet regularly throughout the year, and is supported by our user-friendly Wealth Oneness Reporting Packs that show how the business is tracking.

Monitoring and adjustment –

Things change quickly in business. That’s why we also regularly update our clients’ forecasts, to reflect any material changes in circumstances and how this might affect future business performance. Business clients can then make proactive management decisions based on up-to-date and forward-focused financial data.

Diverse sector expertise –

We have particular expertise in the insurance, medical and hospitality and not for profit sectors. But we’ve also helped clients in the wholesale, export, manufacturing, primary production, finance, engineering, construction and IT and many other sectors.