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Pay the right amount of tax, and not a cent more

Juggling investment dividends, capital gains tax, business profits, fringe benefits, travel deductions or cross-border obligations? When your affairs are anything but simple, you’ll need sound advice at tax time.

Personal tax positions become complex when they’re linked to salary packaging, employee share schemes, work-related deductions and other scenarios, especially given how fast the tax landscape changes.

We’re across every aspect of compliance – but also fine-tuned to the opportunities available. Thanks to our holistic approach, our in-house accounting team can plug in to your broader personal financial strategy for real and lasting benefits.

If you’re a DIY investor or property investor, we can advise on getting the most out of tax matters such as franked dividends, capital gains or losses, negatively geared investment and more.

Or perhaps your personal situation has changed. Divorcing couples face tax decisions on various areas we’re familiar with, including alimony and the transfer of assets such as property, shares, investments and super.

Whether you’re a salaried professional, DIY investor, pre-retiree or just ready to experience our brand of expert financial management, we can make sure your tax outcomes take the right line.