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Targeted investment advice to help achieve what you want

Regardless of your current life stage, it’s important to know that your investments are targeting the outcomes you want – whether it’s delivering the right cashflow, building wealth or protecting it.

At WLM Financial, we link your strategic and investment goals to tailored investment portfolios that target the outcomes needed. To do this we use an active investment management approach called goals based investing. This is a proactive, forward-looking and diversified approach that delivers the risk-adjusted returns appropriate for your circumstances.

The goals based approach reduces the likelihood of capital losses, and improves the likelihood of success over the medium to long-term. Our client portfolios target a real rate of return, after inflation and fees, so what you see is what you get.

This contrasts with the traditional approach of using a risk profile to determine how to allocate your superannuation and other investments. Often, these are simply split across asset classes such as shares, property or cash, depending on how those asset classes have performed historically.

While your risk tolerances are important for us to understand, they won’t necessarily match up with your goals or what you need. However, through our goals based approach we’ve consistently helped more clients achieve their financial goals.

We’re also experienced in setting up trusts and other investment vehicles for philanthropy, in those special instances where you wish to apportion some of your wealth to ventures that you care about.