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Accounting strategies to guide your business growth

Partner with the accounting team that thinks beyond tax reporting and compliance.

Every stage of business maturity, from start-up to sale, creates different financial management demands. We use insight, strategy, technology and teamwork to consider all the angles that can drive your business forward.

Discover how Wealth Oneness will work hard for your business – and you.

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Here’s how WLM Financial helps business make better money decisions.

Fast, efficient financial technology

Can you imagine running your finances without a modern banking app or cloud-based accounting? Technology is transforming business, and at WLM Financial we’re seeing it drive powerful answers to longstanding problems. Our business clients benefit from several robust tech tools that simplify their numbers, increase forward visibility, lower costs, boost accuracy and overall transform their financial results.

Real strategies for unique businesses

Your individual goals, business objectives and lifestyle aims are all underpinned by your financial capacity. WLM Financial has spent years perfecting the art of intersecting these areas. It’s called goals-based business planning, and apart from being tailored to you, it creates accountability and feedback channels around what is and isn’t working in your business. The annual goals we create using our budgeting and forecasting systems are reviewed through our regular Wealth Oneness Reporting Packs, ensuring you stay focused on what you set out to achieve.

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Business Services

Business Systems

Software systems to boost business efficiency

Business taxation

Taxation strategy, compliance and control

Outsourced CFO

Business budgeting, forecasting and KPI reporting

Strategy and structure

Structure your business to maximise asset protection and minimise tax


Super smartness for business owners

Back-office services

Setup, payroll and statutory reporting services for your global business

1 Initial meeting 2 Scope and confirm 3 Strategise and implement 4 Review and monitor

Client Onboarding

Where to start, and what to expect? Here’s what our process looks like.

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Client onboarding —

At WLM Financial, there’s no mystery around when you’ll see results because we set you up for daily clarity. We’re also completely transparent around our fees — which, for the record, are calculated on a flat service basis and not a commission.

Step 1

Initial meeting

Our first meeting explores your business or personal situation, goals and the people, technology and other resources available to get us there. We’ll discuss your current business systems in detail to explore any automation gaps, and find out in detail what you want and expect from your accounting service provider.

Step 2

Scope and confirm

We’ll put together a proposal addressing your priorities in the most effective order. We’ll match these with the services that will best improve internal processes and reporting, giving you the clarity you need to make informed business decisions. Our fees will be clearly explained for the different steps. Work begins after you sign off.

Step 3

Strategise and implement

Once we start analysing your numbers and working as a team, the changes start. Throughout, you can expect clear communications and prompt delivery of every milestone.

Step 4

Review and monitor

Depending on your situation, we’ll review and adjust your business forecasting, systems, KPIs, tools and other indicators quarterly or annually – whichever you prefer.

Planning for business growth is about bright constant gains, not dull grey numbers.

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