How high will interest rates go?

Low interest rates have been a mainstay since the global financial crisis of 2008. When the pandemic hit, Governments pushed stimulus measures through the economy and central banks reduced interest rates even further.

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Interest rates and the role of the RBA

The Reserve Bank of Australia raised interest rates in July by 0.5 percentage points, making the new cash rate 1.35 per cent. The RBA is raising rates in a bid to slow down, hopefully not stop, household spending. This, in turn, hopefully, slo…

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Year of the Tiger: Roaring or Bellowing?

The 2022 Luna New Year, Year of the Tiger, is courage and bravery. It is a year to drive out evil and one of momentum and change. The message; walk boldly with courage. And it seems the Reserve Bank Governor is aligned with this sentiment. …

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