Webinar: Your 2020 Super and Investments Survival Guide

2020 is proving to be the most challenging time for investment markets in a generation. The common advice from traditional financial advisers is to do nothing and ride it out. But this may not be the optimum approach for every investor, par…

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Riding out a downturn is not always the smartest approach

During market downturns, investors are typically advised to stick with their existing asset allocation that is based on a risk profile, rather than crystalise their losses. The advice is offered in the hope that the downturn will be short l…

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Financial security starts with the right advice

Today, approximately 500 super funds are operating in Australia, with assets approaching $3 trillion. Superannuation is either the largest single asset held by Australians or the second most valuable asset behind the family home. Making the…

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Goals Based Investing protects your capital during downturns

“Only when the tide goes out, do you discover who’s swimming naked”.Warren Buffett
If you were investing during the GFC (2008-2009), you would remember your superannuation balance significantly decreasing and taking many years to get back …

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What you need to know about paying for financial advice

If you’re thinking about using a financial adviser, you will want to know how the process works, the costs involved and if you’re getting value for money. In Australia, Financial advisers typically use one of two fee structures to charge fo…

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