Year of the Tiger: Roaring or Bellowing?

The 2022 Luna New Year, Year of the Tiger, is courage and bravery. It is a year to drive out evil and one of momentum and change. The message; walk boldly with courage. And it seems the Reserve Bank Governor is aligned with this sentiment. …

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A Financial Plan can improve your health and wellbeing

We often focus on the money-related benefits of financial planning. Putting together a road map for your finances can improve your money management skills and help you reach your goals like paying off debt or saving for retirement. It makes…

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How to be SMARTER with your 2021 goal setting

I wish everyone a Happy New Year. No matter what 2020 served you, the idea of a new year is still an exciting time, as people return from a well-deserved break and resolve to make some changes for the better. But, how do you make a New Year…

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Beware the Share Market Hype

Share markets around the world rallied in November on the back of a Biden US election victory plus vaccine optimism. In the US alone, $90bn flowed into equity funds in just three weeks!
I am reading articles stating that 2021 will be a gre…

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Seeking financial advice is more essential than ever

I read a lot of economic commentary and almost all of them state that financial (investment) assets are in a huge bubble at the moment. I heard one portfolio manager refer to markets living in ‘Lalaland’! If this is the case, we can easily …

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