To cut or not to cut? Stage three personal tax cuts

In September, amid a climate of startling interest rates, UK Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced a series of tax cuts, including the reduction of the top personal income tax rate that applies to those earning more than £150,000 from 45% to 40%…

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2021 Budget – what this means for business and employers

The 2021 budget delivers plenty of initiatives for our business owners and employers; immediate asset write off retained until 30 June 2023, carry back losses, Employee Share schemes, residency simplified, investment incentives for the digi…

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2021 Budget – what this means for your superannuation

The 2021 Federal Budget proposed some important changes to superannuation and retirement legislation. The budget has provided opportunities for older Australians to contribute more into superannuation through the removal of the work-test (u…

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2021 Budget – what this means for you and your family

The 2021 Budget will deliver a $500 million spend on myGov and MyHealth Record. On a more immediate front, there are no nasty tax surprises for our individual clients and wins for our young families and low and middle-income earners. It’s a…

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