Tips for reducing FBT on meal entertainment

FBT for small business is probably the most cumbersome area of tax law. The reason for this is that it requires record keeping above and beyond the numbers reported in the accounting system and relies on staff keeping detailed records every ti…

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Workers owed $3.6bn in super guarantee

Workers are owed over $3.6 billion in superannuation guarantee according to the latest Australian Taxation Office estimates – a figure the Government and the regulators are looking to dramatically change.

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The ‘Airbnb’ Tax

Property investors who choose to utilise their property for short-term stays (or leave it vacant) are firmly in the sights of the regulators.

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The Billion Dollar TikTok Tax Scandal

$1.7 billion paid out in fraudulent refunds, another $2.7bn in fraudulent claims stopped, around 56,000 alleged perpetrators and over 100 arrests to date. How did the TikTok tax scandal get out of control?
“Everyone else got refunds, it’s OK,…

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What changed on 1 July 2023?

Employers and business

Superannuation guarantee increases to 11% from 10.5%National and Award minimum wage increases take effect.
The minimum salary that must be paid to a sponsored employee – the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Thres…

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