Gain access to your information 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

Once you register with us we'll give you access to your information through secure portals from hosted data sites using unique user names and passwords - all controlled by you.

Your Financial Hub

Through your financial hub you can view a 'Dashboard' summarising your financial position, drill down into the detail of your individual investments and view most of your financial details.

Click here to log into your Financial Hub

On the top right hand side you will see a Reports icon, which will allow to access the following reports at call:

  1. Portfolio Summary Report
  2. Portfolio Performance Report (IRR for period - cash basis))
  3. Asset Allocation
  4. Actual Asset Allocation v Target Asset Allocation
  5. Transactions - current financial year
  6. Transaction - last financial year

Information from these reports can be viewed online or produced as a PDF, HTML or CSV report.

Risk Profiling

It’s important to think about risk. If you’re working through portfolio construction or specific investments - it’s essential. As part of the discovery process around risk we use the third party risk profiling service operated by FinaMetrica. It’s a FREE service for WLM clients.

Click here to complete your risk profile questionnaire


We'll be adding more functionality and access to the information portals you can use, so stay tuned for development.

If you have a request for us to share any particular information, let us know and we'll see what is possible.

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